Beurre Blanc – Roulè Infusè Water Hash Infused 1g Pre Roll


1g Roulé Infusé Ceramic Tip Water Hash Infused Pre-Roll.

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Beurre Blanc.’s official foray into pre-rolls with their premium Roulé Infusé Ceramic Tip Water Hash Infused Pre-Roll. Optimal draw, potent pulls, and features a ceramic tip creating a great way to experience infused cannabis that’s reusable for the next session. Handcrafted by an experienced and dedicated team of five legacy Hashmakers in a state-of-the-art facility, Beurre Blanc. Roulé Infusé Water Hash Infused Pre-Roll showcases convenient craftsmanship with an ice water hash process focused on extracting the full potential of a single cultivar and amplifying its whole dried flower counterpart in the heart of each Roulé Infusé.


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